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Is sleep deprivation is negatively shaping your parenting journey?

If your little one is 3 months - 2.5 years and you have feelings of uncertainty and anxiety around your little one’s sleep or you wish to create more sustainable, healthy sleep habits for your little one, you are in the right place. You no longer have to guess or simply survive sleep deprivation. You'll get personalised support to make changes for a healthier well rested family.

Personalised support to make changes for a healthier well rested family.


Welcome. I'm Tara Mitchell.

Paediatric Nurse, Mother, Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant. 

I've worked with thousands of families many who believed their little one was just destined to be a poor sleeper. Enduring months or even years of the impact of poor sleep.

Too many months spent attributing sleep issues to teething, regressions, reflux and milestones.     

What You'll Look Forward to with The Baby Sleep Program.

Confidence and eased anxiety around bedtimes.

Too many parents experience great anxiety around bedtimes. Whether this is caused by difficult settles, inconsistency, short naps or frequent night waking it needn't be the case.

Better certainty around the structure of your day.

By understanding awake times, sleep expectations and structure, you will be able to confidently plan your day whilst knowing your little one is getting the sleep they need.

Improvements in your child’s well-being.

Good sleep is a pillar of health for your little one.  The positive impact sleep plays on the emotional and physical well being of your little one and the entire family unit should never be underestimated.

What You'll Learn In The Course.

So many families experience anxiety around the lack of certainty and consistency. Our program addresses these issues for concerned parents.

  • Experience interaction and preparation in our Private Facebook Community for one month.
  • Access to the online program for 3 months
  • The how to’s, methods, implementation, troubleshooting, knowledge and plans to create great sleep patterns
  • Education around frequent night waking, short naps, difficult settles, day care transitions, regressions and much more.
  • We'll answer all of your questions guaranteed, as you move through changes.
  • Leave your questions in our private Facebook Group and they will be answered with written responses within 48 hours.
  • Plus you can join our group lives once a week.
  • Four weeks access to our live team in the Facebook group as you implement the program.

A few of the topics covered.

How to create day structure for great naps and to set you up for better night sleeps.


Changing patterns of dependency to either reduce or stop frequent night-waking.

Easy to follow methods that will result in stress free bedtimes.

Immediate Access To The Baby Sleep Program

Start creating healthy sleep routines that will benefit you and your little one for a lifetime.

Your investment - $139 AUD

What's included?

  • Access to our very own private Facebook community. 
  • Live Q&A Sessions once per week
  • Written responses to your personal questions within a maximum of 48 hours from our team.
  • With real interaction we can personally talk you through what to expect, how to navigate tricky moments and help you prepare for success with the online training portion.


You won’t be alone on this journey to better sleep.


Online Course component with 3 months access

  • Learn how to prepare your little one for great quality sleep
  • The best structure for easy settle
  • How to encourage your little one to self settle
  • Proven methods to manage settles
  • The importance of creating a good sleep environment
  • Troubleshooting issues that may arise and much more. 


You will be able to guide your little one confidently through this transition to better sleep.


Whether you are experiencing frequent night waking, catnapping, difficult settles, behavioural issues at bedtime or just want the guidance to employ healthy sleep habits from the beginning, this program will equip you with the knowledge to confidently get your little one sleeping "like a baby".

You'll get access to the same methods and teachings that we have used to successfully educate 1000's of families face to face. Having walked the path you are walking right now, we understand your concerns. We want to reach as many families and little ones as we can so you too can experience the many benefits of getting sleep sorted.


"Your success is so  important to me." — Tara Mitchell

We've worked with many thousands of  families to successfully resolve solve sleep issues across the globe. 

The Baby Sleep Program allows us to guide you through these methods step by step so you can create the same routines for your baby.

We share the methods used to with 1000's of healthy, happy families who are now enjoying the benefit of great sleep routines.

The is a baby sleep program like no other. 

Tara Mitchell. graduated from University as a Registered Nurse and specialised in Paediatric Nursing, where she got to combine two loves - children and helping others.

In 2013 after the much anticipated arrival of her beautiful first-born, she envisioned play dates, long sleepy cuddles, pram walks, coffee dates and days and nights spent gazing at a content little one. 

"I genuinely imaged things to be like that. I had worked with little ones for thirteen years, I knew it would have its ups and downs but how hard could it be, right?"

Things didn't go to plan. Tara's dear girl was a very unsettled bub who suffered with diarrhoea up to 17 times a day, hospital trips due to weight loss, unexplained rashes, irritability and crying spells. There was a whole lot of tears, rocking, holding and she found settling almost impossible. 

"I tried everything. The anxiety I got not knowing how long this would last for and that she wasn't getting the sleep she needed, left me feeling completely helpless. I loved her so completely but, was it what I imagined? No, not at all."

After three months of  severe sleep deprivation Tara began to explore options to get sleep sorted.

"The difference that sleep made to my family was incredible. My gorgeous Scarlett now woke happy, fed better, her weight increased, her tummy settled, and her reflux was minimal. Our family was thriving, not simply surviving."

Tara and her team have now worked with many thousands of clients. Tara is a trusted referral source for  Paediatricians, Midwives, Child Health Nurses, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Teachers and is a regular expert contributor for many of Australia's top parenting websites, blogs, podcasts and media outlets.

Tara's vision for The Baby Sleep Program is to reach as many families as possible to experience all of the things you imagined, give your little one the best start to life and have this time only strengthen your family's relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

The TGSS Baby Sleep Program has proven to be effective with thousands of clients. Everything we do is more than just your baby rote learning a method or learning not to cry. It is about changing their patterns and learned beliefs around what they need to fall asleep. We look at everything as a whole, including feeding, sleeping, days, nights, plus what to do during their awake periods.

It is common for people to attempt a method with no success. “I tried a method for two weeks, then it stopped working” or, “...until they got sick and then it stopped working”. This program however focuses on all of the more holistic aspects of sleep that are mentioned above. Without this, changes will only lead to short-lived success.

If your child currently has a problematic association such as feeding equals sleep, or dummy equals sleep, we identify this beforehand and factor it in to our approach.

Making a difference to your baby's sleep routine involves significant changes to set them up for sleep success before, during and after bedtime. This approach makes our program so successful. 

Whilst we would love to say that your baby won't cry when we are making changes, your baby has become reliant on particular ways of getting off to sleep. When we first make changes, crying is typically a side effect of the change.

This is the way that babies communicate that they are missing what they are used to getting. It's important to remember that this is what the crying is about, and see it for what it is.

Every single part of what I do during this program aims to minimise crying and make the process as effective and as smooth as possible.

I urge participants in the program to pay particular attention to the steps I give them as this increases the effectiveness of the program which has been designed purposefully.

In my experience, the more parents try to overplay a role and 'fix' their baby's crying and steer away from the guidelines, the worse the crying will be and the messier the settle is. When sticking to the guidelines however, parents are typically noticing significant reduction in crying by day three.

Once babies have finished the program they are happier and more content. Better sleep equals less cortisol and less problematic hormones running through their systems.

Will crying harm my baby?

Little ones that are overtired have higher levels of cortisol, adrenaline and stress hormones in their systems on a constant basis. Whilst your baby might be crying during the program, what you must consider is the fact that your baby will end up coping much better with their day-to-day activities and having less crying periods during their day time.

Good sleep does improve mental health. You will know yourself the feelings you experience when you are extremely tired. It is no different for babies. There are a number of studies that have shown that crying while learning a boundary in a loving setting with support isn't going to cause any adverse effect to your little one.

This is very different to extinction type methods or babies who are exposed to ongoing abuse or neglect in toxic circumstances.

We recommend being home as much as possible in the beginning while your little one is learning a new skill.


Most parents we have worked with are at the end of their tether when it comes to trying to achieve good sleep habits.

This program is super effective. There are so many different elements factored in and we look at everything as a whole, including feeding, sleeping, days, nights, plus what to do during awake periods. Everything combined is what makes this program such a success.

You will have Q&A touchpoints regularly throughout the course to get guidance along the way.

This program has proven effective for people who have tried a number of other sleep consultants, programs and tools within Australia and around the world.

When everything is followed properly, will generally see significant, dramatic changes within three days.

There are some key differences when it comes to this Baby Sleep Program.

We look at everything as a whole and you are given guidance as to what changes need to be made even before your little one goes into their bed. This routine makes the most positive impact for the sleep ahead.

It is recommended that your baby is well when beginning sleep training. You want to have confidence in moving forward and knowing that your little one is set up for success when you are trying to achieve healthy sleep patterns.

You will have access to the course materials for three months, which includes all the online instructional and educational videos.

You will also have access to our private Facebook Group for a month, where will be jumping on twice a week for live Q&As.

After finishing the course and implementing change, you will then have the option of joining our membership community, which provides ongoing education around sleep, plus many other beneficial resources exclusive to those who are part of the membership community.

We do not recommend the use of dummies during this program as this tends to keep babies in lighter sleep states.

Dummies are a prop for sleep which prevents your baby from self-settling. What we know is that little one’s must not have external props, otherwise they will wait for them before falling to sleep. Even if they can use it themselves (e.g. put their own dummy in), and even if you only use it at the beginning of their sleep, it will still be an issue.

We recommend that dummies go cold turkey when you start the program. The upside is that you won't be the only one making this change! The community is here to support you, which is one additional benefit compared to trying to do this alone.

Consistency is the key for your little ones. The more that you are consistent with this program, the sooner the results will come about and the quicker your little one will learn it. Inconsistency is confusing for your baby, and it will equate to a harder struggle as you try to get them to learn their new sleep skill.

This program is suitable for babies from 3 months and above. If your little one has already transitioned from a cot to a bed, or if your baby is under three months, this program isn't suitable.

Absolutely. Reflux symptoms have even settled in babies we have worked with once they are getting good sleep.

Great sleep habits allow the body to 'rest and digest', and also create a great feeding structure centered around their sleep. This means that your little one has the best chance to have a more settled tummy, take proper feeds and have less irritability.

Absolutely not.

All babies on the program will be supported through verbal and physical reassurance as required. As mentioned earlier, it is a normal part of the change process for babies to cry. It is important to be ready for that and to be prepared for a hard few days at first.

There are different options that you can choose from in this program, and there are also many ways we try to minimise the crying and get on top of making change happen as quickly as possible. There is no extinction method recommended throughout my program.

There is a difference in working one-on-one with me and doing a course, however working one-on-one may not be an option for all families due to a number of reasons.

This course and the supporting program have been developed to provide outcomes that mimic a one-on-one consult as closely as possible. 

Access to the prep sessions are unique to the program, along with the option to join the ongoing Membership Community which provides continuous support and benefits with further resources and guest speakers.

With this course you will experience dramatic sleep changes in the comfort of your very own home and at your own pace.

Other than a mother and qualified and successful Baby, Toddler and Child Sleep Consultant I am a trained Paediatric Nurse and have worked extensively as a Nanny.

I have had an affinity for children since my early teens, and worked as a nanny for six years whilst at university. Upon graduating I was a nurse for six years before having my first child, my daughter Scarlett.

It was during this time that I underwent further training to become a qualified Sleep Consultant, and founded The Gentle Sleep Specialist.

I’ve worked with thousands of families across the world for the last four and a half years. I continue to study infant mental health and keep up-to-date on current research as a part of my regular ongoing practice.


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