The Baby and Toddler Sleep Membership
baby sleep program membership by the gentle sleep specialist

Everything you need to keep your baby or toddler sleeping like a dream, plus more.

baby sleep program membership by the gentle sleep specialist

Everything you need to keep your baby or toddler sleeping like a dream.



$59 AU /month - auto renews.
Cancel anytime.

Keep enjoying the healthy sleep habits you've created as your little one grows and their needs change.

Our babies and toddler grow, life is busy, circumstances change.

After completing the Baby or Toddler Sleep Program or working one-on-one with TGSS, we want to support you through the months and years ahead. It may be that you want to troubleshoot nap transitions, perhaps your little one is responding differently at bedtime, old habits crept in after sickness or time away from home.

For some it may simply be knowing a reliable resource and supportive, like-minded parents are just a click away.

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The Details

  • Ongoing access to Q&A's with Tara.
  • #asktara's will continue twice a week. You can leave your questions, they will be answered in each live. 
  • Continued access to videos for the duration of your membership.
  • A library of hot topic videos - get access anytime to videos on topics such as nap transitions, troubleshooting sudden problems, and early morning waking... plus much more!

No ongoing commitment required! You can cancel your membership at any time for the following month (one week notice required).


You know your little one will grow and have different needs during different stages, but you also know...

You can't keep up with the changes!

Your baby or toddler is constantly changing. What they eat, when they sleep, what they like, what they don't. I can't keep up!

You want to be prepared for transitions.

Your little one will change and so will their sleep. This program will give you the tools and knowledge needed to stay ahead. You will have the ability to troubleshoot and mange tricky patches along the way. 

You just want one source of truth

People mean well, but everyone thinks they know 'the best' solution. You try something new and then end up losing your way and changing up the routines that you knew worked! There are so many sources of information out there. The Baby and Toddler Sleep Membership will remove the confusion.

You deserve to enjoy ongoing healthy sleep for you and your family and I'm going to help you achieve that!


The Baby & Toddler Sleep Membership

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If there is one thing we know as much as sleep - it's that as busy parents we want simplicity!

You're busy and all you want is answers [ok, and sleep!] This monthly membership caters for just that.

This membership offers ongoing access after completion of the program to expert sleep help, #asktara lives and course videos. Just like in the course, for a very affordable monthly fee.


$59 AU /month auto-renewal.
Cancel anytime.

The results of
our sleep programs
speak for themselves...


Today my bub extended both naps with very little protesting. She has slept through the night (only had one bad night with her when she was sick) since the second day of starting the program. Thank you very much Tara Mitchell, I love what a happy little girl she has turned into, as she is not overtired anymore. I have been recommending this program to anyone and everyone and will continue to do so.

Yesssss, definitely worth it.

My 18 month old is an awesome sleeper and my 4 month old has been sleeping 10-12 hours a night - both since doing her program.  She is so knowledgeable and I can't recommend her program/help any higher!

Why join?

If any of this sounds familiar?

  • Nap transitions throw you off track and you slip back into old habits.
  • Not quite finished with your time with Tara.
  • Your little one starts responding differently at bedtime and you are not sure how to tackle the new problems.
  • Old habits have crept in after time away or illness.
  • You just want a like-minded supportive community to 'have your back.'

What else you need to know

  • You can join us within 8 months of completing The Baby and Toddler Sleep Membership. After this time, you'll need to join the join the program again and participate in the entry level program before becoming a member.
  • Membership is limited to ONE access per program purchase. If you cancel your membership, you will need to participate in the program again to access the membership. This is so that we can keep the monthly membership at such a low fee for ongoing access to one of Australia's leading sleep experts!
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Terms & Conditions

  • Questions are subject to 'reasonable use' policy. This means we reserve to the right to call out excessive use of question time where it begins to mimic that of a private consult in terms of time and personalisation.
  • This is a group coaching platform and we are transparent in that it does not offer the same level of  personalised information as a private consult.
  • This is a beta membership program meaning, we are working out what works best for you (and us!) From time to time we may make changes to the services offered. We've reflected this in the price.

You're also going to get access to:

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Access to deep dive videos where Tara extends explanations and information to help you learn how to troubleshoot sleep issues with your little one.

Ideal for when you are past the beginning stages of the initial program.


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Keep up with the current version of the course by having access to the most recent version, plus any new downloads that become available for the duration of your membership. This means you can hop back in and refresh at any time you need to!

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Once you have served a qualifying period, you are eligible for 10% off our private consultation fees (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Are you ready to say yes to having this information at your fingertips?

There is a  limited window of opportunity to take up us on the offer to receive ongoing and progressive education around your baby's sleep.

The Baby and Toddler Sleep Membership is only open to those who have participated in The Baby or Toddler Sleep Program within the last eight months. We want you to be a part of this.

For the price of less than a couple of coffees per week, you can be sure that your little one enjoys good sleep (Mum and Dad do too!) You can get back on track after sickness or holidays, you are in a community of fabulous like minded parents (just like you!) AND you get to access knowledge across all areas of infant wellbeing advice with our monthly speakers.

Join us below and head straight to the group. We'll be waiting!



$59 AU

$59/ monthly [auto-renewal]
Cancel Anytime.

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Tara Mitchell

Tara has worked with thousands of clients to successfully bring about healthy sleep habits, changing the face of sleep coaching. Driven by her compassionate nature and commitment to see parents and babies lives change for the better.

There simply is no underestimating the multitude of scientifically proven benefits (and requirements) of quality sleep to humans of every age especially your little ones.

The important distinction is, babies rely on you, as the parent, to set the scene to give your little one the best start in life.

Tara understands the problems parents face day in and day out, both on a professional and personal level being immersed in this each and every day - be that through networking with professionals, expansive ongoing learning, writing for some of Australia's leading publications or, simply seeing what is happening in thousands of homes both nationally and internationally.

This puts Tara in a unique position to share valuable information about what works and what doesn't, with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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