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Can you relate to any of these feelings?

Is sleep deprivation or problematic bedtimes negatively shaping your parenting journey? Perhaps you have feelings of dread, uncertainty and frustration around your little one’s sleep. It doesn't have to be this way. You and your toddler have the right to peaceful bedtimes and good sleep. It truly has the ability to impact physical, emotional, behavioral and relational wellbeing. 


Welcome. I'm Tara Mitchell.

I have worked with thousands of families many who believed their little one was just destined to be a poor sleeper. You may have always tolerated inconsistent sleep, a good month here, a bad month there, or perhaps things have undone when you moved your little one to a bed. This program has changed the lives of so many and now it's your turn. 


What you can look forward to on the Toddler Sleep Program.

Peaceful bedtimes.

Too many parents experience great anxiety around bedtimes. Whether this is caused by lengthy bedtime settles, uncertainty around how the night will go or just a general hopelessness around little ones sleep. Everything we put into play will resolve your bedtime struggles.


I will teach you and give you tools to have better connection, experiences and boundaries around sleep and bedtimes. It is crucial your toddler feels that "you've got them". The right lead up to bedtimes and confident, kind boundaries are the key to great changes.

Improvements in your child’s well-being.

Good sleep is a foundation of happy healthy families. My clients report positive changes in behaviour, concentration, family dynamics and overall well being. You won't look back.

What you will learn in the course.

So many families I work with experience anxiety around the lack of certainty. My program aims to address these issues for concerned parents.


You will experience a unique live interaction with me in our Private Facebook Community to prepare you for success! Before getting access to the online training portion, we address the contents of the course so that you are truly prepared and educated around what to expect in the coming days.

A few of the topics covered.

Instruction and a tool to create smooth bedtimes and lead up to bed.


Changing patterns of dependency in order to get your little one to sleep without significant intervention and resulting in great quality full night sleep.

Learn all about transitioning your little one from a cot to a bed. The right way with the right steps to prevent and manage any upset during this time.

Access the
Toddler Sleep Program

Join us on The Toddler Sleep Online Training Program below.

You will be on your way to start creating healthy sleep routines that will benefit you and your little one for a lifetime.

Your investment - $139 AUD includes:

~ Three months access to the online training
~ one months access to a private Facebook group where Tara will go live twice a week to answer all of your questions as you implement change.
~ The option to join our upcoming membership group with ongoing advice from Tara (for Toddler Sleep Program students only!)

What's included?

A peak inside the Toddler Sleep Program

Here you will learn how to create smoother bedtimes, bedtimes that don’t bring significant struggles and drawn out efforts. You will learn how to manage your toddlers night waking and how to encourage them to stay in their own bed throughout the night. You can also use this course to prepare yourself with invaluable knowledge when making the transition from cot to bed. Including a step to step guide as to how to manage any push back during this transition.

Whether you are experiencing frequent night waking, difficult or lengthy bedtimes, anxiety or behavioural issues around bed this program will equip you with the knowledge to confidence to bring back the ease and enjoyment to your child’s nights.

You'll get access to the same methods and teachings that I have used to successfully educate 1000's of families face to face. Having walked the path you are walking right now, I understand your concerns. I want to reach as many families and little ones as I can so you too can experience the many benefits of getting sleep sorted.

Once you join the course you will get access to our very own private Facebook community where you will receive an exclusive welcome and prelude to prepare you for my course, like nothing else that is available. With live interaction I can personally talk you through what to expect, how to navigate tricky moments and help you prepare for success with the online training portion. You won’t be alone on this journey to better sleep.

On completion of our live training sessions you will head over to the Online Course component.  Here you will learn how to prepare your little one for great quality sleep, the best structure for easy settles, how to encourage your little one's ability to self settle, proven methods to manage settles, the importance of creating a good sleep environment, troubleshooting issues that may arise and much more.  You will be able to guide your little one confidently through this transition to better sleep.

Whether you are experiencing frequent night waking, catnapping, difficult settles, behavioural issues at bedtime or just want the guidance to employ healthy sleep habits from the beginning, this program will equip you with the knowledge to confidently get your little one sleeping "like a baby".

You'll get access to the same methods and teachings that I have used to successfully educate 1000's of families face to face. Having walked the path you are walking right now, I understand your concerns. I want to reach as many families and little ones as I can so you too can experience the many benefits of getting sleep sorted.

After joining the training you will:

Meet me in a private Facebook group to begin training before heading in to the course. Here we will do some prep work so you are geared up for success. What to expect as you embark on your new routine will be covered. After this, you will get access to my online training library where you will learn:

  • Setting your toddler up for great quality sleep.
  • Structures to make easier bedtimes.
  • Proven methods to manage behavioural issues around sleep.
  • Resolve to night waking.

This course is not simply a set and forget program. Class numbers are limited so that I can remain responsive to questions during group interactions.


What is the investment?

You will have access to three months in the Private Facebook Community where you will be supported and can share your success with other alumni of the Toddler Sleep Program by The Gentle Sleep Specialist.

Your Investment:

One time payment of $139.00 AUD

Your success is so important to me.

Having experienced success with thousands of families, I wanted to reach out to help many more around the globe. Creating this program is a dream which allows me to guide you step by step and share methods I have used to create healthy, happy families who benefit from sleep routines, in a way like no other. 

I'm Tara Mitchell. I graduated from University as a Registered Nurse and specialised in Paediatric Nursing, which I adored. I got to combine my two loves - children and helping others.

In 2013 after the much anticipated arrival of my beautiful first-born, I envisioned play dates, long sleepy cuddles, pram walks, coffee dates and days and nights spent gazing at my content little one.  I genuinely imaged things to be like that. I had worked with little ones for thirteen years, I knew it would have it's ups and downs but how hard could it be, right?

I knew it would have it's ups and down but how hard could it be, right?

Things didn't go to plan. My dear girl was a very unsettled bub who suffered with diarrhea up to 17 times a day, hospital trips due to weight loss, unexplained rashes, irritability and crying spells. There was a whole lot of tears, rocking, holding and settling was almost impossible. 

I tried everything. The anxiety I got not knowing how long this would last for and that she wasn't getting the sleep she needed, left me feeling completely helpless. I loved her so completely but, was it what I imagined? No, not at all.

After three months of  severe sleep deprivation I began to explore options to get sleep sorted. The difference that sleep made to my family was incredible. My gorgeous Scarlett now woke happy, fed better, her weight increased, her tummy settled, and her reflux was minimal. Our family was thriving, not simply surviving.

The difference that sleep made was incredible, both in her and our little family.

I have now worked with over 1000 clients and am a trusted referral source for Pediatricians, Midwives, Child Health Nurses, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Teachers and many more. I am an expert contributor for parenting sites, blogs and media outlets.

I want you to experience all of the things you imagined, give your little one the best start to life and have this time only strengthen your family's relationship.

Tara Mitchell xo


The Toddler Sleep Program

Start getting your little ones sleep sorted now. There will never be a better time for your family to thrive, not just survive.


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